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Hotel Klostergarten

The Hotel Klostergarten is run by Caritas as an integration company in which people with disabilities work together with non-disabled workmates.

For this reason the idea of ​​integration in the Hotel Klostergarten is realized twice, the human being compensated with the impairment not only the possibility of unlimited residence.

The Hotel Klostergarten is also part of the barrier-free multi-generation residential quarter Klostergarten Kevelaer.

Here live people of different ages and different life situations, in barrier-free rented and condominiums, special residential communities for people with dementia and house communities in the Clemens house. Caritas initiates connecting elements such as the promotion of neighborly help and encounters.

Thus, the monastery garden has become a place where everyone is committed to their potential and talents for the community, creating a new sustainable social network.

The Hotel Klostergarten is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland Regional Council.

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