Kevelaer as a place of pilgrimage

With its history of more than 300 years of pilgrimage, Kevelaers is among the most important places of pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Europe. Between May and October, the many pilgrims who come to Kevelaers each year make for an incomparable atmosphere in the town.

In addition to the large services for pilgrims in the papal basilica and the numerous chapels in the town, the monastery chapel directly adjoining the hotel is also available to you for services and for silent devotion.

In addition to this, Kevelaer also has many popular cultural and leisure facilities to offer:

  • the Irrland leisure park
  • The Lower Rhine Museum (Niederrheinisches Museum)
  • craftwork workshops (incl. glass host bakery)
  • various art galleries
  • concert hall and stage area
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